New Phreaky Phone Card Ideas

I recently found a few sites that offer new ideas in phone cards.
TrapCall - this site lets you “unmask” calls that until now have been impossible to identify. Suspect calls may be forwarded, without the caller’s knowledge, into the TrapCall system which will identify the number from which they are calling.

LiarCard - a phone card that can tell you who is lying and who is telling the truth. We all know it’s not so much what people say, but how they say it, that gives us the real story. Use the phonecards from this site to help you figure it out.

SpoofCard - an innovation in callingcards, this card might be best for dialling up those suspicious parties who you think shouldn’t have your number. Spoof Card lets you pick the number that will show up on Caller ID. Want someone to think you’re calling from Disney World? It’s easy!

LoveDetect - Does the one you’re calling really love you? Are you the only one your paramour spends time on the telephone with? Find out with this unique site that uses voice stress analysis on its long distance calling card to find out if your true love match is on the line.

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